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&& ill roll up my sleeves

to show all of my mistakes </3

Confined and empty, yet crammed with infinite chaos.

Loneliness crawls like time, stealing those precious moments and creeping through the cracks.

Suffocating life out of all it touches.

Making the misery fade in forms of crushed tablets.

Dancing on dreams, sickeningly sweet.

Killing all desire but to sit, wait, and die.

Curl up in the corner, let the dim light smolder the disposition.

And the bitter night wraps around the everlasting disturbances you’ve laid on yourself.

The endless night lasts only a moment, before the sun is back, stinging your eyes and scorching everything with that radiance as excruciating as before.

Just let me go back to bed.

Noises collide, as it all carries on, moving closer.

Attacking the senses, stopping the sanity.

Only the eternal sleep could end it all, your own self made destruction.

But you can never be so sure.

You will forever be lost, in that barren world of yours.