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&& ill roll up my sleeves [entries|friends|calendar]

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April 4th, 2006]
my new crush is absolutly amazing.
hes right up there with diego.
his names alex J.

i am like
i want to be in love with hm
we are like
Image hosting by Photobucket

hes like not like omggg cute
its his personaltily that makes him like whoa

hes goes to uc
long sotry of how we met.
FUNNY one too.

we talk on the phone
for like 5 hours a nihgt
and have like a message per min. on myspace
littleraly have thre messages going at once
and we coment each other like crazy.
we wanna hang more before we go out
but honeslty
is the only way i can explain him.
he is just so great
like wow.
just dude
juust like
wow. dude.

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March 31st, 2006]
Morning: [before school]
Went to Pl
//had fun && got alot of hugs
went to school
played tick tak toe on zacks chest with paint.
and andy humped me.
haah jaykay.
im going to the daphene loves derby show with andy and mya. jelous? yea you are.
blah blah blah.
during the asembly thing
kirsten showed a power point
and at the end it said
"special thanks to bree and liela for keeping me entertained"
gawdd i <3kirsten. shes the besttt

after school:
saw maxx and chrisss
then saw andrew
for like the first time in like 1234567 years.
and it was funny.
long story.
andd yea fun.
then i got home at like eightish
and then i went to 711 to meet maxx && chris again.
my dad saw me
and he thought i was burnin'
so he gave me breath and purse inspection.
and said that i needed to go home.
he drove me home.

like i would smoke weed in front of a 711
do i look dumb?
ok. dont answer that.

fun day so farr

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March 30th, 2006]
ily mhm X3 (12:12:12 PM): i need some eyeliner and some eyeshadow.
ojimra5 (12:12:27 PM): you look so much better
ojimra5 (12:12:28 PM): w/out it
ojimra5 (12:13:06 PM): yes
ojimra5 (12:13:33 PM): you are one of the few people that i know that still looks beautiful w/out makeup


not going out with him.
but we still love each other
not like that.

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March 28th, 2006]
[ mood | asdfghjkl; ]

If you hate the taste of wine
Why do you drink it until you’re blind?
And if you swear that there’s no truth and who cares
How come you say it like you’re right

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March 27th, 2006]
listening to a cool song on dylansss myspace
&& talking to Nico


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January 2nd, 2006]
great vacationnn

diego lied to his best firned about him having sex with me
which we didn't do.

and he thinks im so pissed.
but im not pissed.

all of his other firneds have done thatt crap
excpet him
so yeaaa
ill post the message he sent me via myspace

diegos myspace message.Collapse )

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December 30th, 2005]
my vacation at beccas these last 3 dayyss <3.Collapse )

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December 25th, 2005]
im so sick of the holidays.


this is supposed to be the day where we celabrate the birth of chirst.

but over the last hundred years it was been demolished by gifts.

i hate it when people say "



if it wasnt christs birthday then you wouldnt be getting anything.

people say chirstmas means free stuff.
only its not.
its time of giving and thanks and worshiping /praising jesus birthday.

seriously i do not want no video ipod
or big expenisve digital camera
becuase those things are going to keep me from actaully giong outside and experiencing the world.

i would rather be donating my money to charities.
you see i have a house to live in, food to eat daily, money to clothe myslef with;;
but there are some people who do not even have that.
so when your opening you new video ipod, or expensive digital camera,
remebver the people who are starving
and cant even afford a loaf of bread.

with that 1 gift you recieved, among the many more,
you could probaly buy 300 loaofs of bread.

on top of that you get other gifts.
you get to spend time with the people who you love and care aboutt.


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December 20th, 2005]
lightings perfect
lets set the scene.

heartbreak is in the air.

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December 12th, 2005]
beccas house <3.Collapse )

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December 12th, 2005]
im mad at diego.

he like doesnt even say i love you two anymore

he just says cya.

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December 11th, 2005]

sick </3

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December 4th, 2005]
best day of my life.


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December 1st, 2005]
much needed wake up call


no more pot.
i love diego too much <3.

fuck that

im in love with him <33

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November 30th, 2005]

can youu say stoned

If onlyyy i could stay this way <33

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November 27th, 2005]
these last two days have been bomb.

went to the movies with deigo
no one else sohwed up.
ran into ariel
sat behind them.

me and diego didnt make out
we just cuddled.
we were like holdinig hands
with like both hands

awh. :)
i wanna go backk <33

went to hunters
thento ariels
ariel wasnt home;;
but she was gonna be at 130
so we walked around for an hour
until we sat in front of her house;
and these guys offered us a joint;;
i didnt take up the offer;;
but hunter did.
the guys sold him the goods.

then we went back to his house
had ciggs
then he lit up his bong and we had some of thatt.
i was supposivly "high" accorging to him.
but w/e

fell when i was walking homme.

we were giong to go to the concert at soma tongihgt

but he couldnt so here i am now :)

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November 26th, 2005]

well today i am going to the moviess :)
650 mission valeyy;; rent

im going withh
and kai
[[maybe jesse]]

holy shit.
i just realized that im going to be the only girl.


later kiddds :P

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November 23rd, 2005]
things i want to do before i die.Collapse )

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November 3rd, 2005]
kidsss these days <3

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November 2nd, 2005]
Heyy kidds

i love everything.

everything finds a way of working things out./


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